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At Genesis Hearing Center, we provide a comprehensive list of services for all your hearing needs. Our private practice is focused on giving patients quality hearing aids that will help them manage their hearing loss, regardless of their listening needs or budget. We have the expertise and knowledge to help you with your hearing loss and experience an improved quality of life through better hearing.

We keep our prices low, allowing us to better help our community afford better hearing. Whether you need your hearing evaluated, are looking to upgrade your hearing aids, or are new to hearing aids in general, we have the knowledge to help you. When you come to Genesis Hearing Center you’ll receive quality care and be treated with the kindness and respect you deserve.

Our Services

Hearing test at a hearing aid center in Shreveport, LA
  • Hearing evaluations: We perform diagnostic hearing evaluations including video otoscope and air-bone and speech testing. We can diagnose your individual type of hearing loss as well as the severity.
  • Hearing aid fittings: After your hearing evaluation we will expertly fit the hearing aids to your specifications and program them to your hearing needs.
  • Hearing aid programming: Once your hearing aids are fit to your ears then we will program them for your unique hearing loss based on the listening environments you are in the most.
  • Hearing aid repairs: We can make some minor repairs in-office. If your hearing aids needs more major repairs then we will send them to the manufacturer for you.
  • Custom hearing protection: We make custom ear molds from your specific ear shape to create personalized hearing protection. Custom ear plugs are crucial for when you are exposed to loud noise as they will keep your ears and hearing safe.

Bluetooth Technology

Bluetooth hearing aids near me

In addition to our comprehensive set of services, we carry the latest in hearing aid technology. Because we work closely with Widex – one of the leading hearing aid manufacturers – we sell some of the most advanced hearing aids and accessories. Hearing aids featuring Bluetooth capability can connect directly to your smartphone or TV. Widex Bluetooth hearing aids can be controlled and adjusted through an app on your smartphone, making for a seamless user experience. We also carry accessories that allow you to stream sound directly to your hearing aids but also allow you to hear the conversation happening around you. Talk to us today about Bluetooth enabled devices that can help you hear your best and enjoy the most out of life.

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