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Lindsey Molloy, HIS of Genesis Hearing Center in Shreveport, LA

Genesis Hearing Center is dedicated to providing quality and trustworthy hearing care to our community. Under new ownership, we will continue to put our patients first and give them the excellent hearing healthcare that they deserve. Our hearing instrument specialist, Lindsey Molloy, will continue to help patients experience better hearing at an affordable price.

Genesis Hearing Center has been helping the Shreveport community experience better hearing for many years. Our staff is trained in the fitting and dispensing of hearing aids. Our goal is to help you hear your loved ones again. That’s why we stay up-to-date on the latest hearing aid technology, so we can better help you.

Lindsey Molloy, HIS

Lindsey is the new owner of Genesis Hearing Center. Lindsey is native to Shreveport as she grew up here. Lindsey has worked at ENT centers in the audiology department and is certified to work under doctors as an otolaryngology technician. After realizing she loved working with hearing aids and helping people hear better, Lindsey moved to Texas and received her hearing aid dispensing license. After 10 years Lindsey returned to Louisiana and purchased Genesis Hearing Center. Now she is close to her family and the community she grew up in and is able to help them experience better hearing through her care.

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