Hearing and Cardiovascular Health

February is American Heart Month. During this time, it's important to focus on your cardiovascular health because it is such a crucial component to your well-being. In addition to taking care of your heart, you should also be taking care of your hearing!

Did you know that hearing loss and heart disease are related? Discover the connection and how you can be proactive for your health.

Connection Between Your Heart and Hearing

The relationship between heart disease and hearing loss has been studied for many years. While there is not a direct cause between the two, there is evidence supporting a relationship between heart disease and hearing loss. In fact, research shows that individuals with heart disease are 54% more likely to have hearing loss.

When your heart health suffers, plaque builds up in the arteries and disrupts blood flow. This can cause poor circulation of blood through your blood vessels and will cause damage throughout your body. The lack of blood flow throughout the body can cause damage to your inner ear and can result in hearing loss.

Research suggests hearing loss can be an early sign of heart disease. If you are experiencing a sudden loss in your hearing, it's important to have your ears examined. Hearing loss could be the result of another underlying condition, such as heart disease.

What You Can Do

Good cardiovascular health is an important part of your overall well-being. To ensure your heart is strong and healthy you should practice healthy habits. Eat nutritious well-balanced meals, exercise regularly, practice mindfulness, and visit a physician on a regular basis.

Because hearing loss can be an early indicator of heart disease, you should make regular appointments with a hearing specialist. We can test your hearing and let you know the cause of any hearing loss. Catching the signs of hearing loss or heart disease early is a great way to be proactive about your overall health.

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In acknowledgement of American Heart Month, try taking care of your cardiovascular health this February. Practice healthy habits and monitor your hearing health if you are experiencing any issues. If you suspect you have hearing loss, then come in for an appointment. We can test your hearing, diagnose the cause, and fit you with hearing aids so you can hear better again.

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