Our goal is to provide the very best hearing health care available so our patients can rediscover the world around them through better hearing. At Genesis Hearing Center, we spend time to truly educate patients before any purchase. Providing full hearing screenings and working with the most credible manufactures, we find the best solution for our patients’ needs. Patient care is number one at Genesis, which is why we are and will remain an independent clinic. The services to our patients will always remain professional and top of the line in quality. Below are the following services we provide:

  • Consult with patients to learn their symptoms and medical histories.
  • Conduct full hearing evaluations and tests to determine the severity and type of hearing impairment.
  • Speech audiometry and discrimination evaluations.
  • Real ear measurement.
  • Tympanometry testing.
  • Analyze all test findings to make diagnoses; discuss possible solutions with patients.
  • Recommend and dispense assistive listening devices.
  • Take measurements and earmold impressions (if needed) to ensure that hearing device fits properly.
  • Instruct patients on how to use and maintain the devices.
  • Fitting verification.
  • Sound field audiometry.
  • Modify and improve devices that have already been placed in patients’ ears.
  • Make repairs and replace defective parts.
  • Instruct and counsel family members on positive actions to maximize patients’ hearing improvement.
  • Post fitting care; follow-up and rehabilitation.